Phase One

Is It Time?

In terms of purchasing land or constructing a building, not immediately. However, we believe it's essential for us to be planning to move in that direction over the next 5 years and want to be prepared to move on any opportunities the Lord may provide as an interim solution should the need and opportunity arise.

Individual Responsbility

A family effort will be required to seize any opportunity the Lord may present to us. Now is the time to be praying for the Lord to "Go Before Us". We ask each family to: PRAY SPECIFICALLY - ask the Lord to lead us; GIVE WITH FAITH - seek the Lord as to how you can give to this opportunity and then move forward with faith, joy, and expectation; and PROMOTE - share with your family and friends about the GO BEFORE US LORD 2016-2018 Building iniative.


Because we have seen a trajectory of 30% growth year over year since we launched, we believe we need to project for that growth with regard to land. Therefore, we believe a facility needs to accommodate approximately 800-1000 adults, which would equate to approximately 32,000 sq. ft. (~10 acres). With current land and zoning costs reaching $250,000/acre (high-end price), our primary financial goal for phase one is to reach $1,300,000 (mid-range price) in savings by the end of 2018.

Elders’ Vision

We count ourselves greatly blessed to witness such an amazing work of God in the Durham Region. We are confident and filled with faith that the Lord has raised this church up for such a time as this, because we have seen the powerful work of God by His Spirit in so many lives. As we remain committed to our mission of being a church that desires to see lost people saved, saved people matured, and mature people multiplied ALL to the glory, we believe that God will continue to bless and further our ministry in this region. In summarized form below you’ll find our elders’ vision for a future facility, highlighting some of the ways we believe the Lord is leading for the future.

Location Principles

Core guiding principles that will help determine the eligibility of a location for Harvest Durham.


We believe that we should have a visible presence in the Region, rather than being buried in a community out of sight. We want people to know and see that we exist.


We believe that access should be clear and easy for all people.


We believe its necessary to be good stewards of God's money and are looking for the most affordable options available.


Though we want to be prepared for any opportunity the Lord may present to us in the future, we have a desire to be in North Durham Region, where there are fewer churches available for the community. Without narrowing in too specifically on any given community, we believe the highlighted parameters represent a clear opportunity for us as we look for a location.