Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes! Here are some ways to give for your consideration.

Lifestyle adjustment
– Choose to sacrifice an extra that you currently enjoy (i.e. specialty coffees!)
– Sacrifice a family vacation for one year – get your family involved and tell them why

Sell something
– Are there things you’ve accumulated over the years that you no longer need?

Income Tax
– Consider donating your income tax return over the next 3 years

RRSP Contribution
– Consider building into the kingdom rather than retirement.

– Consider giving stocks, or other investments (if you are interested in learning more about this please contact the church office).

– Do you have talents and skills that could be used? Let us know!

First of all, it is the heart and strong desire of the Elders that this process WILL NOT distract or hinder the actual ministry of the church in any way. We are determined to be in much prayer throughout the process.
No, do not redirect your current giving. It’s imperative that the core ministries of the church carry on and expand. Therefore, we ask that any contributions that are made to the Go Before Us Lord campaign are above and beyond your regular giving. Please ask the Lord to lead you in your decision.
You can use your current offering envelopes, or some are provided in our worship center at the back. Please use those envelopes for your contributions. You may also write “Facility Fund” in the memo field of your cheque.
Prior to giving be in significant prayer and consider carefully your commitment. We want cheerful, Spirit led giving!
After prayer and fasting it’s both the conviction of the Elders and the affirmation of the people that we move forward at this time. We believe that going forward will require us to rely on the Lord to guide and direct us. His resources are not limited.
Yes, your contributions are tax deductible assuming that you have or will have taxable income.
There are four methods of making your contributions:

Personal Cheque enclosed in an envelope marked “Facility Fund”
Cash enclosed in an envelope marked “Facility Fund”
Give Online through your bank, which will debit your bank account at the amount you designate (contact church office for information on how to set this up)

It’s been exciting to see in five short years how God has moved through this ministry and received glory through salvations, baptisms, changed lives, generous missions giving, compassion ministries and much more. We believe that looking for a future facility will actually enable us to do MORE ministry for those in our community and BETTER ministry as well.
Our Treasurer and one financial staff member have been assigned to give confidential oversight to the process. Consistent with regular giving, the Elders do not and will not know anyone’s individual contributions.

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